June 10, 2015: As leader of the day, it was my job to wake up my fellow Glimpsers bright and early at 5:30am. After getting dressed, we ate a beautiful breakfast sandwich made by the superhero of the hostel, Jaime. Around 6:45am, we split into two different groups. Each group went to a different school to shadow a student of Nicaragua. The schools we went to visit were INEP, a public school and San Luis, a private school. I was in the group who went to visit San Luis. My host for the day was a 15 year old sophomore named Mariam who was extremely eager to show me around her school. I met her friends, Lucia and Mario, who were super friendly and heaps of fun to talk to. They taught me nica slang and told me their favorite American pop-stars. By the end of the school, we were definitely BFFs. After school around 12:45, we walked back to the hostel for lunch for some curry chicken and rice.

Soon after, we had an orientation about beginning our English tutoring with different members of the community of Matagalpa. We were separated into 5 groups to prepare our very first English lessons I teamed up with Alex, Brandon, Zoe, Tyra, and Annie. We ate the nica version of tostadas for dinner which had to be my favorite meal today. From dinner at the hostel, we had a short walk to the school were we began our first lessons. My group is teaching beginning level English which was a bit of a challenge but once we got everyone into it, teaching was super fun. Especially because you can tell that these students really do care and want to improve. We began the lesson around 6 and ended around 8.

To end our busy day, we met up for our nightly meeting where we reviewed the day of all our thorns (lows) and roses (highs). For the first, well at least for me, I saw a difference in the group. More people had more to say and we all listened.

Being leader of the day reminded me of looking out for all my siblings at home and how much I miss them all. So, quick shout out to my family. Miss you Daddy, Nau, Lei,Lia, Pau, Tika, baby Tau, and my Utah family reading this, LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

-Sialehaevala Reed