Hola Glimpsers! Welcome to San Juan de la Maguana 2 family!

It is very exciting for us that we will get to meet you all so soon. Since starting our jobs as PC’s, we have been waiting for the moment you are welcomed onto this island because you are all truly our inspiration to be working for this program. We’ve spent the past few weeks reading and getting to know all of you through your essays. Every time we read your interests and what you look forward to this summer, it makes us even more excited. Also, we have been working hard to create a great experience for all of you that we are certain you will remember. San Juan is an interesting city, but you will also get to see many other beautiful places in the southern region of the Dominican Republic.

Now it is your turn to get to know us, and we want to give you a couple fun facts about ourselves. Jelly is a creative soul with a bubbling personality and a passion for photography, film, and teaching art. Melina enjoys a good hike, is dedicated to human rights, and will crack a joke anytime even if it is terrible. Both of us have a rare talent of finding a song for every word. Melina’s favorite is a very popular bachata song from the Dominican Republic.

Are you ready for this summer? Nos vemos pronto! 🙂

Jelly and Melina <3