Today a large group of runners including myself woke up at 4:30 in order to get some exercise before fun day! We thought it was a grand idea until we realized the loud ruckus we created..oops. When we all were awake and ready to go we walked over to el comedor and were happy to see delicious Nicaraguan food awaiting us. After we dabbled our way over to margins magic school bus!! For those of you who don’t know Marvin, he is our trusty Nicaraguan bus driver. Not to forget his sidekick Harold who is still warming up to us. They drove us to Jinotegas man made lake where we played many team building games and kayaked. We officially figured out our c.a.p project!!! Our group has decided to fix the roof of the senior citizen home. And as a second project we decided to make a sign in the front in order for people to notice the building. We presented the project and all went well and they were very pleased with our decision. We ended the night very strangely, a.k.a I broke the medallion. OOPS. Being a leader has offered me many new chances to grow with patience.:-)