Hoping to see the sunrise

We ended our first week in Ecuador with a spectacular day filled with challenges, community, but most importantly with smiles. Having started the day early, everyone was a bit tired, however ready to seize the day. We took a 2 hour bus ride to a waterfall attraction located in Baños, Ecuador which marks the start of the Amazon forest. The feeling we experienced in an entirely different yet majestic landscape energized everyone for the adventure that followed. On the path to the waterfall, there was a suspension bridge that stood as both a physical and mental obstacle. Fear loomed over some, however, courage quickly took it’s place. The GG community rallied around one another to support and motivate one another through every step. After a rewarding journey we all came together to witness the magnificent and powerful effect of the waterfall. Overall the time we spent together from the meals to the conversations we shared, today was about enjoying ourselves and the community we have created.


(click above for video of the powerful waterfall)

suspension bridge

group shot at waterfall

lunch in Banos


today’s Leader of the Day (LDD)’s Cam and Tanis

(P.S. take care of our dogs –> Byper and Steel)