“Working hard and working smart sometimes can be two different things.” -Byron Dorgan

Hey folks! Our names are Mia, Mari, and Noa! Today was the first day of our Community Action Project at Fundacion Betesda in Llacan, Ecuador. Us glimpsers will be working on building foundations for an extension of their preexisting building for the next three days. Today, groups worked on various tasks such as digging, making wire bases, mixing/dancing in concrete, and constructing wire beams. We based our day off of the question, “What are some ways you can organize yourselves to work best together as a group for the CAP days?”

We began the day working multiple jobs in different groups that focused on moving bricks, digging huge holes, preparing rebar, and mixing a large pool of concrete. One of the most important jobs was combining the sand, water, and rocks to create concrete. Many glimpsers rotated in and out of the concrete pool dancing on the sludge to mix the materials. Dividing up the labor helped us work efficiently to complete more than we had anticipated. After surpassing our goal for the day we treated ourselves to an early dismissal.

While working, glimpsers tested their physical abilities and exhibited their excellent collaboration skills. The best representation of our teamwork was prevalent when we all gathered to form an assembly line to pass concrete.

Click here for a video of our assembly line! 🙂

Overall, it was a very successful day, although there were some bumps in the road. For instance, birthday girl Kiki received a surprise birthday gift, a stub in the toe. Fortunately, she is recovering well with a gnarly bruise and some birthday cake.

After long hours in the sun, the glimpsers were extremely tired, on the brink of delirium. Luckily, this resulted in numerous funny experiences which strengthened the group’s bond. We will carry this unity into our work tomorrow so that we can produce a fantastic final product. Until then, we will be resting up for another CAP day tomorrow!

P.S. Dear LeeAnne, Heather, Edie, and Lance, we love and miss you tons and are very excited to see you shortly! <3