Today after 11 hard days of work we finally had a FULL day of Rest and Relaxation. After desayuno we were on our way to Club Social- Coopcentral, San Juan’s only Country Club. We arrived around 11:30 and stayed till 4:00pm. This was a luxury from yesterday as the pool was triple the size and there was a variety of spanish music. From Bachata, merengue and reggeton people danced, smiled and gave “big love” a staple of Global Glimpse all day! While some were having fun in the pool, others were playing competitive pool getting beat by Ms. E on the second level for only 10 pesos. People enjoyed playing so much, some have a love for the game of pool now and hope to play more when they get back to the states.

We were also able to buy snacks, drink some soda and then have lunch courtesy of Onaney. After we all went to what looked like a small Dominican snack kiosk to get ice- cream and Bon ice’s.

Today we also were introduced to Marcela- our new passionate, positive Global Glimpse staff member who is visiting us from the US. She is a wonderful addition to our ever-growing family. Our GG ambassadors our leaders, coordinators and our delegates seemed to have cherished the laughs, the splashes of water and the dancing. This experience will be necessary to keep close to our hearts as it is back to the grind tomorrow as we are visiting the bateyes of the Sugar Plantation. It’s going to be rough on our heads and our hearts. More excitement tomorrow!!!!!