Yesterday was the first fun day of our amazing┬átrip! Being El Lider Del Dia, it was my priority to keep a high energy level for everyone, constantly reminding my fellow glimpsers it was Sunday Funday. After an amazing breakfast we rushed onto the bus and headed to the gorgeous Lake Apanas! Once we arrived, we gathered under a canopy and met our activity directors. We then broke into two teams and began a series of team building games. Following the challenging fun activities we ate a delicious packed lunch and had some free time. We spent that time playing a volleyball game in the pouring rain. As time passed, clouds cleared and the sun shined once again – we then went kayaking! Everyone was able to get into the lake & embrace the great views of the mountains that reached the top of the sky. Soon it was time to go and it was troublesome trying to leave this amazing lake but we got on the bus and our day had continued with more exciting activities. Such as celebrating our wonderful leader’s birthday, Tony! Surprising him with a delicious cake and singing happy birthday, he then blew the candles out. As he took the first bite little did he know he was smashed into the cake! Laughs and smiles filled the room, we then ended our day by dancing our night away to the moon light of Jinotega.

Lake Apanas

Sunday Funday!P1010206