Hello, fellow peers!!

My name is Montana Juarez, I currently attend Ann Sobrato High school in the Santa Clara region of California. Where my language skills happens to fall is near Spanish 2, which is around two years of Spanish. I understand the general idea of the language; I am better at writing it than performing the speech. My travel experience is very low, as I mainly stay in California, though with my FFA extracurricular events help me travel around California. My interests range from being a theater technician, gamer (in competitive fighting games), portrait artist, public speaking, and listening to music. I am happy to embrace a new culture and learn heavily about its implementations within Panama. I’m nervous to be fully out in an unknown environment; though to overcome this I’ll utilize my peers as stepping stones to create change and work as one to do compete any given task. Thank you for reading and hope to see you all soon!!!

Photos of myself, during my school’s musical. A mix of all angles!