Today was our second free day, and it was my favorite! After we had breakfast we wrote letters of appreciation to our supporters and/or mentors because without them this trip wouldn’t have been possible for a lot of us, including myself. After doing that we had time to go out and explore more of the city, but sadly that wasn’t possible for us today. In Bonao people are protesting for a better hospital and as always our Global Glimpse Leaders thought about our safety and didn’t want us to have to see that, so we all stayed in.

Around 11:30 Brianna, Viviana, Alyssa, and I went to the nearest colmado (corner store) and it started pouring rain!! We didn’t have rain jackets on or umbrellas because it was unexpected, but we were saved by Danny, Minh, and Michael who came by with umbrellas! While we went to the colmado Huong and Fatima were getting their hair braided which took about the whole day!

At 1:30 Danny, Minh, Brianna, and I went CAP Shopping with Leury, Alyssa, and the representatives from Agua y Vida. We went to go buy paint for the mural we are going to paint for the base of Agua y Vida! Doing this took somewhat of a long time because we couldn’t decide on things like what colors or what kind of paint brushes. After what seemed a long time we got back to La Fundacion and prepped for our last English Tutoring Class.

We started class at 5 and prepped for our talent show that was at 6. During the talent show all the classes performed something they had learned throughout the 2 weeks we were with them. Throughout all the performances everyone was very supportive of one another and it made me really proud of everyone. At the end we had time to thank our students and for our students to thank us and that’s when things got emotional because we built relationships with these people. Seeing how much we impacted their lives within 2 weeks made me realize that little things can go very far in someone’s life. Overall today I learned that the little things matter even if they don’t seem like they do. I love helping people and by simply teaching 8 to 11 years old English made me like I can do so much more.