Hey y’all!

Today is the day that all glimpsers look forward to, free day! Starting off our day, two of our ambassadors took us to visit the park. The park here in San Juan is very different from the park back home. Here they have a track, baseball stadium, basketball court, handball, a place to practice karate and so much more. After exploring the park, visiting a castle, and engaging in different activities, we prepared to go out and explore more of the city.


During free time, everyone agreed to revisit the ice cream shop for a second time to enjoy something refreshing. In addition, we visited different souvenir shops to buy items to take home for ourselves to remember the trip and to share a part of our experience with family and friends.


Even though the rain interrupted some of our free time, it helped bring us glimpsers as well as the ambassadors and group leaders closer through small talk, playing games, sharing music, and a lot of dancing! Today was a day full of bonding activities, conversing to further get to know each other, culture exchanging, and most of all today felt like it was a sense of family present. Overall, everyday helps us build closer and closer relationships but free day especially opens that door!