Dear Students & Families,

I can’t begin to describe how much it means for the Bahia team, local students and service providers to have the chance to welcome you here. The last couple of months have been challenging and it is thanks to you that we can continue our work here which means so much to all of us.

The local ecological club (eco-club) has been running for 8 years with different iterations. The most constant part of it is the passion for the environment from the local students and the excitement that they feel when the exchange students come here to work together with them and build friendships in the process.

During your time here you will also get to know the team who will be helping out to make this a good learning experience. Kenneth, Maya and myself (David), will be your main exchange coordinators. Marcelo and Ceci will also be working with us all the time in the schools and communities.

We are really excited that you will be spending time with us, We will be learning together, enjoying together and giving this cycle a good closure before new paths are open.

Thank you again, we can’t wait to show you around