Hola amigos!

Today we were lucky enough to wake up to sunshine once again, without the tropical storm haunting away our Adventure FUN DAY! We woke up at 6:50 am and made our way out of the hotel by 7:30 am to the Larimar gift shop to THE PLAYA! On our 3 hour drive to the Larimar gift shop, we were mostly all still tired, so some slept on the bus while others sang along to many fun songs as a way of starting our adventure fun day! We finally made it to the Larimar gift shop and were fascinated to see how precious the Larimar stone is. Cesar and Maria, our guest speakers at the Larimar gift shop showed us around the shop, shared the history behind this stone, and allowed us to customize our own design. In fact, we were able to learn that the Larimar stone is only found in the Dominican Republic, near the Quemaito Beach. We also learned how they make different designs for bracelets, necklaces, earring, rings etc. It was such a unique experience and deciding our design for our Larimar souvenirs was quite hard because they were all so precious.

We then finally made it to the destination we’d all been waiting for, El Quemaito. We fell in love with the palm trees, the great views, and most of all, swimming in the cool, salty water. We had lunch at the beach, rice, chicken, and vegetables, prepared with lots of love by our amazing chefs at Onaney. We spent three hours at the beach, enjoying the crystal, blue water and attempting to gain a few shades in skin color. Isac was amazed to find a dead fish and share with the rest of us. We were able to buy some ice cream and drinks that fulfilled our thirst. So far we’ve been getting use to the pleasant weather here and might have a hard time getting use to the weather back home, once we arrive. We were sad to leave Quemaito and hope to return one day and spend more than three hours. After the beach we had a sleepy ride back to the hotel.

SHOUT OUT to the Calderon Family back in San Rafael, California!