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Hola!! Today was the best day ever as stated in the title 🙂 We started off by getting our dance moves on in dance class and it was really fun. We did an exchange of some american moves with the cha cha slide and we received some LATINO moves! Afterwards we attended a dance academy where we received even more fun classes with dance teacher Marcos whom is the best teacher. After our dance we met with some people of a small organization whom hand make jewelry. The people include 3 women and 3 kids who came and taught us how to make hand made jewelry; we all were very enthusiastic and made our own jewelry using our creativity. These people gave us a speech of the material that they use to make the jewelry which include plastic bottles and bags, beans, wax, and recycled material. Finally, we ended with a delicious dinner in a restaurant here in Matagalpa to try tamales the NICA style 🙂 they were delicious! It was a great  day and we all learned many new things; it is amazing to be in another country and experience the way of life of the Nicaraguan people.

-Coral Medina 😀