Hello everybody, I’m Tommy Sokry and I had the pleasure of being the leader of the day for our second, and last, free day. After three tiring days of working on our CAP project it was nice to have a whole day all to ourselves. Since it was our free day, we decided to spend that time going to our favorite locations, such as the plaza and the local coffee shop. Some of us also went to an art gallery that had a variety of art styles such as abstract and European. Even though today was supposed to be our free day, we still had to do some work. Many of us still had to write a thank you letter to the organizations that supported our trip. Plus we still had to prepare for our English tutoring, which was difficult at first but we got the hang of it.

Visiting the local coffee shop

Visiting the local coffee shop

Sarry enjoying a caramel frapachino from a local AIR CONDITIONED coffee shop

Sarry enjoying a caramel frapachino



Went to see some amazing art pieces at the art gallery

After spending the day writing our drafts, drinking coffee, and looking at art it was time to go to English tutoring again.




Beginner Classes


Intermediate Class


Advanced Class

Our free day was filled with art, coffee, and more souvenirs. We had a hard time adjusting to our temporary living conditions on the first day, but as you can see we learned how to adapt to our new surroundings. It’s been about thirteen days since we left the United States, and we still have three more days until we go back. But until then we’ll be enjoying our stay here in Leon, Nicaragua.