Today was the day of revolution for the people of Nicaragua where a different political party rose in power. The festival is very rowdy and fun but all of us stayed safe. The holiday coincided with our free day which contributed to even more fun here in Matagalpa. After working for two weeks, planting seeds, painting, shifting through cow dung, and english tutoring all of us spent this day prudently and preciously. Some of us woke up early to go to the gym doing zumba or exercising. Meanwhile others slept in and dreamt. When we woke up at 8:00 am we got ready for our fun day and then ate french toast with syrup. All of us have become extremely close and everyone enjoys chilling and its just a really good atmosphere. Then, some went to get coffee, which by the way is really good here like you have no idea. The food here is really good some of us tried some quesadillas and nachos from local restaurants and it was soooo good. We bought souvenirs for back home like bracelets, necklaces, wallets, and really good chocolate. Walking around is some of the best moments and there are so many jokes. One of them being that there was a group that went to a church and found out there was a funeral going on. Some sang some karaoke and some danced to Beyonce. And some talked to families. Sometimes after the call we feel homesick but then there is always someone to talk to. The city here is beautiful and the people are hella fun. Everyone is so outgoing and generous there was a coffee worker who offered to take us on a hike. Some of our students are so memorable like Alberto who is one of our english students and he is amazing. He went by our hostel and gave us fruit and he’s just so nice. Also, two other students came by Caylin and Erin and it was so fun we hung out with them and played volleyball and soccer. When we went shopping Lauren broke off the head off a mannequin and it was rolling off the sidewalk. Other funny stuff was when we were walking on the street in different groups, Harrison’s group left him alone basically in a woman’s clothes store. Honestly, so much funny stuff happens its great. Our free day was pretty just great like everyone really got to enjoy the city in their own way. Some went shopping, sleeping, eating, and some were sick. At lunch we enjoyed a Nicaraguan dish, Naca tamale. Then we had free time again and went to the supermarket. Whatever we did, the jokes and convos were always memorable. We’ll never forget this trip so thank you for allowing us the people, the city, the jokes, the laughter, the time together, and the beauty.