Our final bus ride

Our final bus ride

Hello my name is Malik Salandy and I live in Brooklyn New York. The Dominican Republic and New York City are very similar, yet very different. NYC is widely diverse with many different cultures, and you may even run into some type of Dominican Republic culture. New York City and the DR have a very fast paced lifestyle where there is a constant flock of pedestrians and cars buzzing by.

On July 3rd, many of my fellow Global Glimpsers were very nervous as we awaited for everyone to meet at the airport. Our flight to Dominican Republic was at 1 o’clock pm. As many of us were nervous as we went through security check where they searched everyone. After finishing all of the security check and everything else, we patiently waited for our departure. At first it was very awkward because of the silence and the “cliques” that were already formed and were conversing all over our departure gate. When we got on the plane, feelings began to rise as we anticipated our landing. As I was on the plane, I thought about how the landscape would look like and how similar it would be, compared to Trinidad.

One of the most memorable days of this to me was the CAP project when we redesigned and organized a community library in Jinova, San Juan de la Manguana. We were asked to come up with some new designs which in turn made the library more attractive and appealing for the community to be comfortable using. The day before day 1 of the CAP project, we made 4 groups so that the CAP project would get completed in the total 12 hours that we had. The four groups were; design group, cleaning group, organizing group and construction group. This day was my favorite day because I really made a bond with one of the local children that help us during the entire project. Ever since he told me his name I felt an instant bond between us. Even though I needed a translator for our conversation, he spoke in a way that made it easier to understand him. Before I left after day two, I gave him two of my belongings so that he could always remember me. I told one my my bilingual friends to ask him if could promise me that he will attend college and use this library to his full advantage. He told me that he would always remember me and that no one ever did anything for him like this. So he promised me that he would try his best in school, and go to college. He also told me that I should come back to visit him when he gets older. I told him that I would also try my best to do so and we said our good byes. This moment was very motivating and inspiring because, I never though that someone other than my father would ever inspire me as Joey did. He is such a had worker and someone who is very positive and I am sure someday I could be like him.

This brings me to the Quote of the Day “A ship is safe in harbor… But that is not what ships are for”. I personally like this quote because I find that it sums up the entire trip. This means that although ships in the harbor and being in your comfort zone makes you feel safe, you’re not really challenging yourself. Ships are made for the sea, which brings more challenges and discomfort. That also happens when a student steps out of their comfort zone and is in unfamiliar places; they tend to not know what to do, but they learn, and that’s exactly the idea that Global Glimpse has given and continues to give to students like me and my fellow Glimpsers.20150720_182549

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