This was our free day…I have never been so chill in my life. For today I was leader of the day and had to take on the responsibility of leading a group of glimpsers, which was pretty cool. Wake up call was at 8 AM or more so 8:10 if you want to get technical. We woke up to the sun shining down on us and the temperature skyrocketing with immense speed. Remember no air conditioning, but fans…REGULAR SIZED FANS!!!!! Therefore the sweat we were experiencing was something serious. Our day started off with walking to Onaney’s (our one and only food spot) for breakfast where we ate cereal and fruit (pineapple, papaya, and melon). After breakfast we walked back to the Hotel and began our first laundry day. On average the group spent about 400 Pesos just on laundry.


After laundry was all squared away, our Ambassadors Francis and Victoria had arrived at the Hotel and for about 2 hours a group of glimpsers were playing soccer with a baseball in the center room. the soccer game got super intense like the Barca vs. Juventus Champions League title game! By the way Barca won 3-1 GO MESSI, NEYMAR AND SUAREZ ;)!!!!  After the soccer game we walked to Onaneys once again for lunch (that would be picture 2). Lunch consisted of Rice and beans, Pollo Frito (fried chicken), scalloped potatoes, and seared sweet plantains. The lunch was very filling and this was the first time I didn’t finish my plate, well maybe it was because I had a pint of delicious oreo cookie ice cream beforehand that probably was a bad idea.


IMG_7177After lunch we walked back to the hotel to figure out the rest of our free day (well the time we had left before we had to prep for our English Tutoring class). Most of us wanted to go play basketball but we didn’t have a ball. Our GG Leader Sia and our GG Leader Leonel came in clutch with a brand new basketball and as soon as we saw it we were off to the university to play. The heat made us all sweat waterfalls and the walk back didn’t help either but it was fun altogether.

After walking back to the Hotel and taking a shower it was time to prep for our classes. Fast Forward to our actual classes. Our classes were so empowering! Just to be able to teach your native language to another culture that is so enthusiastic to learn about your melting pot of cultures is amazing! Our classes range from 12-25 and the fact that most of us are 17 teaching people younger and older than us makes us (well me because I cannot speak for everyone else) be inspired to become a teacher in the future.

Overall the day was great, our dinner was good but we had some serious rain towards the end. The storm had become so dangerous we had to get picked up and driven back to the hotel. If the weather permits we will be working with local farmers tomorrow in addition to teachingd yet another class of English.

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