Hello family and friends. This is Marcelo, the second Leader of the Day. Today has has been a great day due to the fun activities we had and the bonding that is growing between each other as time continues. It started like this, at 7am was the wake up call to get us ready for breakfast which was at 8am. We took a Field Trip to Juan Venado Island Nature Reserve and then we went on a boat tour on the river that runs along the Juan Venado Island. During the tour, our tour guides shared lots of information with us about the area. We saw a variety of wildlife including a nesting green heron, an iguana, and some other birds. The guides also explained how the mangrove trees lining the river are essential to the community due to the role they play in absorbing salt and toxins from the river. We stopped at a nice island along the river and got our first chance to get in the water! Furthermore we went to eat at 1pm at Playa Roca which was a restaurant next to the beach. As a team we played soccer, watched the Germany vs Italy soccer game, had good food, and even got to see lifeguards in action. On our way back the bus did not want to start, so with the help of Oscar, Johann, Sarry, Anthony, Charlie and Noel (GG in-country staff). The bus did start because of the collaboration of the students and adult leaders. We had dinner at 7pm and after that we had the nightly meeting. A bat decided to join the discussion but either way some were scared the discussion kept going.


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