vida jovenYesterday, we went to Vida Joven, Vida Joven is a young camp and it’s a fun place for everybody to come. We took a half an hour drive to Vida Joven and when we got there, we all separated and did our own stuff. Some of use went to play basketball, soccer, swimming, and etc. I think every body ¬†was having fun doing their own things and it was intersecting to see every body skill and ability that you will never imagine The food, we ate was rice, beef, vegetable, and more and it was really good but it was kind of salty. I felt that we had the best day ever for this week and I hope our next fun day will be better than today. Lot of use try new experience and try new things that they never tried before.

I felt, I became a stronger person day because I made sure every body was okay and enjoyed the camp so much that they became more connected with everybody and face their fear. Becoming a GGL was a little bit challenging because you want thing to go smoothly but thing can go wrong sometime and you just need to keep your cool down, help them, and just make sure everybody is good and ready.

I know that your worried about your children but their having a really good experience. They will be back very soon and you can see your child become a strong independent person.

I wish everybody have a great day and need to stop worried about them because were all grown up.