Hey everyone, Bria and Maren here!

We just wanted to say thank you for keeping up with all of our posts. Let’s start with what we did today. Today was CAP day 2, and we made sure to use our limited time wisely by getting straight to work when we arrived at the beach. Again, we took turns digging and sifting the sand while others cleaned up trash along the beach. As we worked tirelessly for the second day in a row, I, Maren, noticed how rewarding it felt to feel the blisters forming on the palms of my hands and a soreness in my back as I worked because it meant I was making an actual effort. Hearing everyone complain (lovingly, of course) about how sore they were afterwards was probably the most satisfying part of the day. It felt so good to know that we all put in the hard work needed to finish the turtle hatchery. The look on Robert and Isabel’s faces when we completed the hatchery were priceless.

P.S. Our favorite part was running into the ocean afterwards (to our knees only of course). That was pretty awesome 🙂

After we finished the labor-intensive part of our project, we drove over to meet Luigi, an artist from Venezuela, and his sweet girlfriend, at a beautiful hostel in Pedasí. He collaborated with a group of us to sketch a design for the mural, which turned out beautiful and made everyone excited to start painting. We didn’t get very far with the actual execution of the mural today, but we began chipping old paint off the walls and outlining the design. We left Luigi’s company feeling motivated and ready to begin painting bright and early tomorrow morning.

We finished off the night with some much-needed free time, which for the majority of us included a cold shower and a nap, and then our usual nightly meeting.

Can’t wait to read all of your comments 🙂

Shout out to my mommy,Dad,and all of my siblings. Can’t wait to come home and see all of you <3