Hi my name is Ibrahim, I would like to use this platform to describe how I went through the day as the leader of the day. First and foremost, I would like to thank the Global Glimpse Leaders, and my colleagues that helped better this leadership experience.


I started my day as a leader of the day by waking up early in the morning to prepare myself and waking up the rest of the students. Suddenly it started raining but I couldn’t make this an excuse, so I borrowed umbrellas from my teammates give to those who didn’t have one. Despite this setback, everyone was on time to the breakfast. We had an awesome activity at the academic and the program seminar on topics of immigration in The Dominican Republic and Haiti. We went to the “Mosctha”, where we heard the inspirational life stories of the workers, Dr. Cherubin and Maria. As they were sharing their life story and experience it made me realize I have so many opportunities in the United States which could better advance and shape me as a successful young man in the near future. Afterwards, we were led by Carina (global glimpse director) and other global glimpse leaders on a tour through the colonial zone and we bought souvenirs on the streets.


Some challenges I faced as the leader of the group was having to get everyone to listen to the speaker and getting everyone to participate in the activity of the day. I had a deep smile in my heart and was grateful because most of the students came up to me and applauded me for been a great leader. Which made me think I did well for following the rules and regulation of the global glimpse leaders on how to be a leader. I hope next time I am leading, I can challenge myself to be more vocal to get the students attention.


Throughout this trip I talked to the global glimpse leaders and for the most part I connected to Sara. She talked to me about how she been travelling around the world helping developing countries. Which inspired me to travel around the global to bring smiles to peoples face. In life you got to travel several miles to achieve a beneficial success, this leadership program motivated and has brought joy and happiness to me because I was able to bring a smile to others.

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