What an amazing fourth day it was! It was the glimpsers’ first “fun day” on our international trip. We departed to one of the Dominican Republic’s most cheerished attractions, Saltos de Jima. It is a national monument composed of many outstanding waterfalls and rocky trails. Then, we had the opportunity to purchase hand made artisan crafted gifts made by a famous Dominican shop owner/crafter. His shop was filled with tons of valuable unique gifts. After, we proceeded to teach our very first English prepatory class!

Our students were amazed by the beauties that the Dominican Republic had to offer. We walked approximately 1.4 miles to a fresh water cascade. We went swimming for two hours and it was stated by the students to be the most exciting part of the trip so far. After some encouragement the students convinced reluctant participants, Ladaijha and Prabin to join in on the fun.

Our Glimpsers were split into 5 groups, each teaching students English on different levels. The Spanish speaking students’ ages ranged from 11 through around 60. Every student had a different experience teaching these classes, however all feedback was positive.

My assigned team was comprised of two other brilliant Glimpsers, Charles and Kellie. Unsurprisingly, Charles willingly asserted his presence by developing interactive English-language related games for the Spanish speaking students to partake in. These series of English speaking activities was a sight to be seen.

Participating in this activity gave me the sense of fulfillment as I was able to shape the future of bilingual speakers. I was honored to be named the very first student leader of the day as it helped me build upon my leadership skills and my public speaking ability. Seeing the look on the faces of our students made me believe that international community service is needed.

Hot shots cooling down

Hot shots cooling down

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Tomorrow will be another journey for us to embark on and we all look forward to the life changing experience the whole time. But for now Bienvenidos!!!