Hello parents,

We started out the day at a charter school on the outskirts of Bahia. This place was a shelter area after the earthquake and it is a very interesting school where the concept of love is central to the concept of education. We were working in the green house with the Eco-Club boys, helping to weed and clear space to plant several papaya trees. We worked with soil. We also dug a long trench to create a living fence for the greenhouse. We had a very nice group bonding session with rap battles and several acapella songs. As leaders, we learned how to include other group members as well as creating fun environments.

After lunch we went to a mangrove island. This is a conservation project run by the members of a fisherman community affected by deforestation and the production of shrimp farms. We took a tour through the narrow mangrove canal in the middle of the heart-shaped island.  We got to see many baby birds and enjoy the quiet space.

Soon it was the end of the day and we went for a swim at the beach. The local Eco-Club students were there, and we got to connect with them though different games and just riding the waves. Through this, we made new friends even with the language barrier, as well as connecting more with the other members of our group.  It was a beautiful sunset with a rainbow behind us.

Dinner was good and fun and then we went to the park where we lead the discussion and reflection about the day with some questions. After this trip, everyone wants to plant flowers and trees and work together on that. We played in the park, and now it is time to rest. Tomorrow is an early day!

Good night!