Hello Hello!

Keloke …. these are your own Jarabacoa 1 Program Coordinators, Gloria and John!

This is Gloria Rizo, I am from Nicaragua; I came down to the Dominican Republic 2 months ago for the first time. It is the first time for me enjoying a culture closely and be immersed in its language and daily life. I love learning from every person I have met in this beautiful Caribbean country. Living in the Dominican Republic has influenced a lot in many ways, and I want to learn the most that I can about how the education system works in the country. I am a social worker, and I am passionate about education, and I want to create strategies to address how students learn; Global Glimpse is giving me the chance to see different perspectives of education since part of the program is working with American and Dominican students in classrooms.

My name is John, Haitian born and Dominican by resident. In order to complete my studies, in 2005 I moved from Haiti to the Dominican Republic. Since then, I have been learning a lot and also inspiring vision and leadership in my community here in the Dominican Republic. I am a veteran Program Coordinator, I did it last summer in Constanza and I am back this summer in Jarabacoa because I just love and am so passionate about this :). I am looking forward to hosting and giving you all the best experience here in the DR so that you may become real change makers and responsible citizens in our society.

Both of us are so excited to host all of you in the beautiful city of Jarabacoa! Be ready for nice and (some) sunny days right here on this beautiful island. We have planned activities that you all are going to love this summer to help ensure that you have a wonderful learning and inspiring experience in country.

Outside of our office work and planning, we have been working with lovely communities that are excited to open their doors and share their time, stories, and everything else with us.

We have been reading your essays, and we can not wait to meet all of you and learn more about your dreams and aspirations. Congratulations again of being selected to join us this summer. We can’t wait to learn from you and with you!

Please make sure to double check your packing list for dress code expectations and other important items (durable closed-toed shoes, bug spray, sunscreen, etc.)

Wishing you a safe flight and see you soon…!