Hey GG fam!

Lola here, one of the Global Glimpse Teacher Leaders from B1D! I was Líder Del Dia today and boy was it a day!

“Success is not about the destination but the spirit with which you continue” // Alex Noble

We were off to an emotional start this morning saying goodbye to our beloved PCs, Lili and María, and the Youth Ambassadors of Bonao. (I may have shed some [see: many] tears) We did this activity called “touch someone who..” that was so powerful! We set up chairs in a circle and sat facing outward and then about 4 people at a time were inside the circle. While our eyes were closed, the facilitator gave prompts like “touch someone who inspired you”, “touch someone who challenges you”, “touch someone who you’ll miss”, etc. It really let you know how deeply you impacted the people in your group and for me, it was a powerful experience, I definitely want to swipe it for my classroom this year. 😎

After the rest of our closing seminar and our tearful goodbyes, we set out for the Santiago airport. On our way there, Desiree (my co-GGL) found out that our flight was delayed, making our already tight connection in Newark seem pretty hopeless. With the new timing we had about 30 minutes to disembark, go through customs, collect baggage, recheck it, go through a security checkpoint with 16 teens and 2 adults. We dreaded telling the students that we might not make it home tonight but we shared the news with them with the possibility that we might still make it! As our flight landed in New Jersey and we got news that United was holding our flight for a half hour we felt pretty hopeful. And then we taxied for 30 minutes… when we finally got to disembark, I set off for a gate agent to help us. The first of many sprints tonight. She assured us they were waiting but didn’t know for how much longer and I started to feel antsy as I waited for the students to come through customs to meet me at baggage claims so we could recheck them for the last leg of our trip.

The baggage carousel always feels slower than you’d like, but I have to say it’s never felt slower than when I’m waiting with 16 teenagers. We waited for our bags, mused about potentially having to stay the night in Newark, laughed at what karma we could possibly be reaping for ourselves with this crazy day. It was Leo and Gabi and I waiting for our bags in the end and when we got them a man named John escorted us through the crowded airport so we could recheck. Once we did we began sprinting through more zig zag security lines, the boys and I dodging people, bags, and other barriers. The whole time I’m huffing and puffing and I’m motivated by the sound of Leo’s laughter behind me, clearly enjoying this movie-esque sprint we’re taking.

I can honestly say I’ve never felt more jazzed to get on a plane. We made it. We were going back to sweet home Chicago. And I couldn’t be more glad to have made such a great run with such an all star team. The spirit with which y’all continue despite obstacles makes me proud to be a teacher. I love you guys across the Newark Airport and back. (And a little further)

Til next time, GG

xoxo Lola