Hello Everyone, I’m Caroline I was the leader of the day.  Today our biggest focus was getting started on our community action project . This project will have the biggest impact on not only us, but the community here in Nicaragua as well.This is one of the biggest task and most significant part of the entire trip. Our goal for the CAP project is to have repainted all the the classroom walls with more vibrant colors that represent the community. We also hope to have completed there garden by planting watermelon, citrus trees, dragon fruit, etc. I hope that if we complete these tasks early we can repaint there basketball court and brighten up there welcome sign for the school and community.


When we arrived to the community we were welcomed by smiling faces and helpful hands. Each group went straight to work. I was surprised to see how quickly the younger children volunteered to help us wash the classroom walls and begin painting. There was lots of progress made today, more than what we had expected. In the past 15 days we’ve spent here in Leon we faced many challenges that have deepened our understanding of the culture in developing countries, and definitely changed our perspective on poverty and what it takes to live in Nicaragua. However, with that said we have also seen beautiful landmarks and met amazing people, including the people in this community. We have two days to get this project done and I believe we will be more than pleased with the results.

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