Hello everybody who is reading this! My name is Charlie Trinh and I am the boy (located on the right of the picture) from San Jose, California. I will be representing Andrew Hill High School on this trip to Jinotega, Nicaragua! I am a huge basketball fan, but I played all kind of sports throughout my 17 years on this Earth. I played basketball, baseball, tennis, badminton, soccer, football, golf, etc. I really enjoy helping people so I plan on being a history teacher (because I am a huge freak in history) or work in the Health Field. Bringing a smile on someone’s face means a lot to me. I love listening to music in my spare time and sing along. My music playlist is very broad and ranges from Ed Sheeran, Korean Pop, Jason Mraz, all the way to High School Musical (as shown in the name of this blog). I love researching about history because history intrigues me. I really like going out with my friends whenever I can and that’s probably why people tell me I am very outgoing and I am not shy around others. I really enjoy making new friends and I cannot wait to meet the rest of my delegation and go on this life changing experience in a third-world country that will help me learn to become more humble! I am so stoked to be given this opportunity to experience a new culture first handed, meet new faces, and make a difference in someone’s life. I leave tomorrow night and I hope you got to know me a lot more than you did 2 minutes ago!