Greetings from Nicaragua! Last Sunday was June 16, 2013 and time is ticking. We have a little less than a week left here in this hidden gem of Latin America. We started the day off normally with our daily dose of gallo pinto and cremá!
Today we were suppose to go to Somoto Canyon, however you know the saying “expect the unexpected” and that’s exactly what happened. Due to some minor set backs, our trip was postponed until later in the week, therefore we had to switch leader of the day. To my surprise, I became leader of the day. Even though our days got switched, all the activities for my day wasn’t able to fully carried over. I took out many activities leaving us with a lot of free time, but we were able to use the time wisely.
First of our only activities of the day was another CAP seminar and shop for CAP materials, or well attempt to shop. This happened on a Sunday, so some crucial stores weren’t open. We did our best looking for the other materials and got some estimate on the things we need.
After that, we all took a long rest during our free time. The rest was much needed by all of us, since we’ve been waking up early a couple days in a row! We all felt energized after our nap and ready to finish off this trip strong and leave our mark in Nicaragua!
I felt a bit sad inside since I wasn’t able to carry out all of my duties or duties of the leader. I didn’t get the torch passed to me or do my talent, but feeling the support of my peers and seeing the smiles on their faces made it all worth it! We were all so excited for the canyon trip, but we made the best of our day and kept a positive attitude!
Buenas noches! We’re having a great time on the trip but see you all soon!
Miss you mom and dad! And C-J-A-M-H
PS: We’ll add pictures on Friday!