Today we welcomed Glimpsers to Jinotega, Nicaragua.  After their long flight, they arrived in an “air conditioned” airport, we all made our way for a special lunch at SUBWAY.  As we exited into the parking lot, the nice Nicaraguan climate gave a WARM welcome to our Global Glimpse team.

Thank you to Diana and Nelly for safely escorting all these fututre leaders of the world to a destination filled with adventurous learning.

Thank you for our great driver Marvin! Our bus ride was accompanied by beautiful green, lush scenery.  As we headed north to the mountains, all enjoyed the landscape.  When we saw the outskirts of the the city, glimpsers cheered at their arrival for their final destination.

Hotel staff gave a nice welcome to make everyone feel at home.  After we ate at the Buffet La Familiar we went to call home to let families know we all safely arrived.

Later there was time to get to know one another and go over what to expect the next 19 days.  Everyone is in for an adventure.  Here is our first photograph at the airport.  Team Jinotega is ready to gain some leadership skills.