The day started when families, glimpsers and GG Leaders when to the airport for their destination while us, the two PC´s were also in a ride to the airport, so exciting, waiting for them and even Janice and Paula made us wait (flights´ problems hahaha) we were so happy to finally to know each other and start this adventure.

After we ate for the first time all together, our driver, Marvin, took us until Jinotega, our city, our home and where we showed to the glimpsers the new home (Hotel Kiuras), after be confortable in their rooms, we develope the first Program Seminar, with a very enthusiastic public I can say.

So, was dinner time and we walked two blocks for meet El Buffet La Familiar and the lovely family of Julio and Katy where beside to enjoy our deliciuos first nicaraguan dinner we sing happy birthday to Anthony (one of the GGL) with a beautiful present of the family.

And of course the glimpsers wanted to call home and they did it. After that we made our first nightly meeting and finally was bed time.

In this way the journal started…. Day 1… check!!!IMG_20150727_180119[1] IMG_20150727_180039[1]