Today, we received our last delegation of these summer named JA1C in the city of Jarabacoa. For me, everything was double as exciting because it was my first time receiving a delegation from the very beginning (from the airport). That’s why I am going to enjoy this process a lot because the last delegation prepared me to be ready to go from the day one.

We took them from Santiago to Jarabacoa with our experienced driver, Federico, that made me feel safe even with the curviness of the road. We brought some sandwiches for the students and leaders and they were very happy to eat them on the way to the living accommodations.

Finally, we reached the accommodations and they got to see their rooms for fist time, as well as learn who their roommates were. After, we give them some information about the program, logistics, and the accommodation rules. We then welcomed them with a delicious dinner pollo (chicken), ensalada (salad), and arepitas de yuca (fried cassava).

We had our first nightly meeting and I passed the torch of Líder del dia (LDD) to my partner, John. Then, they play some games before to going to bed and resting from that 13-hour trip from home to DR.