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Our last 2 blogs have covered brushing up on your Spanish so you can communicate with the locals, and how to stay in touch while away from home.  This blog is about things you can bring with you to help you feel connected with your family despite being away from home and also to share with fellow Glimpsers and the Nicaraguans who you will meet.  Things to consider are printed pictures of family, friends, and of course your pets.  Also, pictures of your city, neighborhood, and house you live in.  A few small and favorite trinkets that remind you of your life here can be very helpful when you are far away from home, especially if it is your first time. These are great talking points  to share so others can get to know you on a different level and/or in a deeper way. What do you have that you could bring to remind you of home and to share with the Nicaraguans you will meet?

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