What’s up! My name is Scarlett Simon, I go to Oakland School for the Arts, and I’m in the School of Figure Skating (although it’s not technically an emphasis). I live to eat, and it’s mainly what my social media consists of. I really enjoy watching The Office, anime, and many, many cooking shows as that’s what I wanna do after college. A few other things you should know, I’m really into EDM to the point of being annoying, I also intend to take as many photos as possible while on this amazing trip!

Before and after this trip, I am a figure skating coach at the Oakland Ice Center. I teach kids as young as 3 to working with adults as old as 88. Working with such a wide range of ages I hope this helps out during all the English tutoring we’re doing on this trip! With all that said, I can’t wait to meet all of you guys at the airport very soon!!