Hello everyone! My name is Selena Yang, El Lider Del Dia, and I’m here to tell you all about the fun we had today. We slept in until 8:30 AM, then ate a classic breakfast of Gallo Pinto, eggs, and fried plantain. Next, we sat down to design presentations for our Community Action Project, which will be carried out at Mujeres del Plomo in the next three days. After we finished planning, we split off into groups for two hours of free time. My group went to the internet café to call home, while the other groups bought jerseys and hung out at Barista, the first coffee shop built in Matagalpa. Everyone was punctual and made it back to the hostel for lunch. Afterwards, we prepared our lesson plans for the English tutoring tonight, then headed out for THREE more hours of free time! There were tons of stores open along the main street, from clothing to handmade pottery. The sun was blazing hot this afternoon, so naturally we went to get some refreshing iced coffee and delicious fruit crepes. After dinner at the hostel, we changed into business casual clothes and headed towards Colegio San Luis for our 4th English lesson. Each lesson turned out superior than the last since we have acquired more experience. The highlight of my day was helping a shy girl to pronounce some words and noticing her eyes sparkle as she was finally able to say them correctly.

Time is flying by fast. There are only five more days left in Matagalpa. 🙁 On one hand all of us do not wish to leave this charming city and spend more time bonding with our Nicaragua family, while on the other we can’t wait to fly back home and tell you guys all about our adventures!

Buenos Noches,

Selena Yang

P.S. Love you Mom and Dad & I can’t wait to see you guys! 🙂 <3