Howdy y’all it’s your Global Glimpser, Tresha, here! Today was a free day where everyone was given the privilege to choose where they would like to go. For example, we can visit the plaza, museum, restaurants, and etc. This gave us the chance to further explore more of Leon and have an idea where everything is. We can use this knowledge for future reference for other free times. Our free day consisted a lot of traveling on foot so we were able to get good exercise in today! Some challenges we faced today were creating our own schedule of the day, dealing with the heat, and managing our time accordingly.

Here’s Alondra (Mom) leading the group like a champ:


We started off our day waking up later than usual at 8am and had breakfast at El Comedor. Throughout the day we were able to become our own El Lider Del Dia and scoped out more of Leon.

SAM_2539 SAM_2564

After lunch, Global Glimpse leader, Charlie, directed us to the plaza and entrusted us to be able to go out on our own around the plaza after setting up a rendezvous point. This gave us the chance to roam independently and allowed us to go exchange money and buy souvenirs. (Expect gifts!) The group as a whole was able to develop teamwork skills and time management skills.

P1000300 P1000307

We further honed our skills after we were given the map of the city and visited an ice cream parlor called, Kiss Me, and a supermarket called, La Union. At Kiss Me, we were able to try out exotic flavors such as dragonfruit, banana peanut butter fudge swirl, and espresso brownie. Everyone was psyched to head out to La Union because it’s air conditioned and we needed a break from the heat!



As leader of the day, today was quite challenging because we were given so much freedom and we wanted to fit in as many things into our day. I learned that because you’re leader of the day doesn’t mean everything is entirely your fault. We encountered many difficulties but was able to solve them as a team. I’m extremely proud of my delegation because they were all helpful and positive. We continue to grow closer and closer each day which makes us stronger for the hardships we are bound to face in the future of the trip.