Today was Culture and Indigenous Worldview Day. The day started off with breakfast at Nativa with a fruit bowl.

Later, we had the chance to visit Pucara Tambo, a cultural tourist center. Here we had an introduction to the indigenous world. When we first arrived at Pucara Tambo, the place was very beautiful. We separated into two groups to take a tour of Pucara Tambo in which they explained the types of plants they used for medicine; they also explained the meaning of the symbols on the poncho.

Another activity that the group got to do was a cleansing ceremony to get rid of all the bad energy. What we believe is the highlight of this day is that the group got to try cuy (guinnea pig), in addition to meeting the alpaca and llama.

After the amazing introduction into the indigenous world, we got to teach another English Lesson in which many classes combined towards the end of the lesson to play a big game of soccer.

We ended the day with a very special birthday for our Program Coordinator Paco. We surprised him at the end of dinner with a cake, a song, and a card signed by everyone.

Signing off for today,

– Kim and Yeli (Your Leader Del Dias)

P.S. Shoutout to Tihaby, mom, dad, and Allan