Today’s focus was on exploring the city we’re living in. Today’s scavenger hunt gave us a chance to speak with many locals to discover facts about Riobamba and Ecuador! From finding out where the best hornado (roast pork) is, to discovering the reasons behind Riobamba’s reputation as a pioneer, for example, it was the first capital of Ecuador! The first famous scientist from Ecuador also comes from Riobamba and we got to explore the square that’s named after him, Maldonado Square!

We had three different types of empanadas today: breakfast, beef and cheese! We also had a chance to try cream of zucchini soup with popcorn sprinkled on top! After lunch, we had a chance to learn about the community we’ll be working with for our community action project (C.A.P.). We’ll be visiting the Carlos Garbay facility and farm where we’ll be helping with special needs students tomorrow and we’re excited for our second seminar to design our project!

It’s been a pleasure seeing the students come together and break out of their comfort zones to make meaningful connections and lasting memories!

For tomorrow, our first student leaders of the day will be Paris and Brennan! They’ve already proven they’re more than capable with their impressive talents of speaking in Japanese and speed drawing!

Exploring Plaza Roja (Red Square)


Delicious cream of zucchini soup with popcorn!


Students on the scavenger hunt!