Hi, my name is Wendy Liu and I am from Galileo High School, which is in San Francisco. Today was a free day so there was a lot more freedom and independence. Today the group was basically split into two smaller groups depending on people’s interests. One group included Brittany N, Heather, Destiny, Genean, Miranda, and I under the supervision of Breanne. The other group included Britne R, Jazmin, Michael, Miguel, and Kevin under the supervision of Mindy. Breanne’s group went to get breakfast at a nearby bakery and smoothie store. Mindy’s group went to eat breakfast at Alfreditos. Afterwards, everyone met back at the hostel to receive their freshly washed laundry and to pay for it. Brittany N took the prize for having the most expensive laundry bill, which came out to be around 316 Cordobas which equaled to about $12 US dollars. 

Then, the group split off again. Everyone spent their time buying souvenirs for their families and friends. Some places that we went to include Tusa, Sonati, the supermarket, and street vendors. The majority of the students really enjoyed going to the internet cafe to talk to their loved ones and to use the computers after being separated from technology for more than a week. After everyone was content, we went back to the hostel to prepare for english tutoring. 

Crepes for lunch and a salad!

Crepes for lunch and a salad!

English tutoring went really well. Everyone had successful lessons in which they felt that they at least taught them one new thing. Today is a special day because it is Henrietta’s one year anniversary living in Nicaragua. We celebrated with a cake for her and later karaoke at a local karaoke place. However, karaoke turned into a dance party instead since they did not play the songs we requested. We requested “Bailando,” “Baby” by Justin Bieber, and “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. Actually, we were the ones we started the dance party when we decided to go up to the stage to dance when “Bailando” came on. Then, other people started dancing too until the stage was packed with people. We danced a little more before we decided to leave because karaoke was not happening. We were all a little disappointed that we did not get to sing, but it was great just hanging out with everyone celebrating Henrietta’s one year anniversary. 

Karaoke! Singing and dancing for Henrietta's one year anniversary.

Karaoke! Singing and dancing for Henrietta’s one year anniversary.

Being Leader of the Day today was a little tricky because group was divided into two. There was not a precise schedule. It was mostly spontaneous and flexible. For the small group I was placed in, I tried to make sure everyone stayed together so that no one gets left behind or lost. The group I was in did a great job doing what everyone wanted to do. For example, when someone wanted to go to a specific store to buy something, I made sure we went there. Everyone was happy with their shopping and how they spent their free time. 

As a leader, I learned that I need to be more confident when I speak or when I round up the group. It was hard to be a leader during the time we were walking through the streets because I am terrible at directions and did not know where to go at all. As a result, I ended up following others more than leading. However I learned that it is okay to ask for help because everyone have different strengths and weaknesses.