As the day began, Ricardo and I knew that this would be one of the busiest days so far. We went to Guamote where we had both breakfast and lunch and got to work like a local. In his community, Cumandá El Molino, César functions as a prominent leader. My group and I had great pleasure in assisting Carmen, one of César’s daughters, picking corn. We also all had the chance to speak and bond with many of Global Glimpse’s supporters and leaders. As I reflect on today, working with Carmen and getting to know César is the first thing that comes to mind. César is someone who was very influential and interesting in his mentality and thought processes.

Although today was very busy and draining physically, there was significant value in everything we did today. We all learned something new from it. The techniques that Cesar utilized for his crops, community, and family were very appealing. Everything about his day-to-day life demonstrated peace, determination, patience, and respect for nature itself. We didn’t just get to learn about how crops are harvested and how they prepare meals, but also how community gatherings occur. One of the things they do is that when someone passes away, they try to celebrate the positive, rather than the negative things about that person’s life. It was nice to see something different compared to the United States and how they approach particular things.

Hey all, it’s Ricardo! The biggest thing that stood out to me was the way in which the locals welcomed us into their community. Cumandá el Molino is a small community that grows corn and raises cattle. When we arrived, we were greeted by the community leader, César. César is a very well respected man with a vast amount of knowledge. César taught us a little about his community by sharing with us his food, which was all organically grown in his farms. We ate corn, trout, rice, and potatoes. The main activity of the day was to experience working like a local. I worked alongside Carmen, César’s daughter, and other Glimpsers out in the field harvesting corn. I enjoyed the activity because I saw a new perspective on the kind of work that goes into harvesting corn and producing agricultural products. The most satisfying part of the activity was peeling the husk of the corn and finding a perfectly colored and shaped corn. At the end of the activity, as I carried a full 45kg sack down the mountainside, I reflected on what I had done and I felt proud of myself for being able to help the community in their harvest and I knew I had done something positive for them.

As Líder del Día, I kept in mind that I had to set an example to the rest of the group. I also took the initiative to introduce myself to the donors who were with us. I shared a little about myself, which caused others to do the same. Overall the day was amazing and it gave me an eye and mind-opening experience. I know that César was very grateful to have us there with him, and I am sure that it has forever changed the perspectives of the rest of the Glimpsers.