Hi all!

My name is Stephanie Desmond and I’ll be one of the Global Glimpse Leaders for our trip to Las Tablas, Panama on August 8th, 2019. I am a Spanish teacher and also the advisor of the National Honor Society at Westfield High School.  I love to read, do DIY projects for my home, and spend time in nature. Whether it’s in my garden, going for a hike, skiing in the winter, or going for a run, you will usually find me soaking up the outdoors… especially with my pup Brandy! Like my fellow GGL Remy, I have a love for dance. I began dancing when I was 2 years old and competed nationally throughout high school and college. Fun fact! I was also on the U.S.A. Tap Team in 2008 and 2009 where we competed internationally in Germany…. so get your dancing shoes on for our Panama trip!

One of my favorite things about being a foreign language teacher is that not only am I always learning, but equally as important, I get to appreciate a culture different than my own everyday. With that being said, one of my greatest passions is traveling because it is revitalizing, enriching, and gives me a broadened perspective and opportunity to learn through experience. I have been to many countries, but some of my favorites are Colombia, Peru, Belgium, Bermuda, Spain (and SO many more!). This is one of the many reasons I decided to become a GGL, but above all I love that Global Glimpse’s mission is to reach ALL students through a need-based scholarship. This ensures that students from all backgrounds have access to a leadership experience that empowers them to build empathy, agency, and global perspective. I strongly believe our future needs bright leaders to make positive changes in our world.

I am so excited for the whole trip, but what I am most looking forward to is making new connections and lasting relationships with people from all backgrounds both within our community and abroad.