Hi all,

Today was an exciting day! We woke up early at 6:30 and took a long drive to the base of Chimborazo, an inactive volcano located in the Andes. There, we met two friendly tour guides who taught us some local phrases and songs. From there we took an exhausting 20 minute uphill hike where many of us felt the high altitude. However, it was all worth it when we were in the clouds and saw the breathtaking view of the volcano capped in snow. We arrived at a monument honoring Simon Bolivar where we took pictures and even built a snowman. After that, we took an easier 30 minute hike to explore the environment and look at the many vicunas, which are similar to alpacas. After this excursion, we drove back to the hotel, during which everyone fell asleep. From this experience, we as a whole learned how ecotourism can affect the environment in both a positive and negative way. We as people can bring awareness to preserving historic places like Chimborazo, but our presence can also destroy the area, as we saw by the garbage thrown around.

Today was also our third day of English tutoring, and many of us felt that we were improving in our teaching and communicating skills. As time goes by, we all feel closer to our students and more comfortable speaking Spanish.

Can’t wait to see you all back home!

– De’Asia and Maggie