Since being in Constanza I have learned that a little effort, love, and determination goes a very long way. I’ve seen the resources and help that Constanza receives and it’s very little compared to Chicago. However, the local community is able to make a little go a long way whether it’s love, water, or money. This is because they would rather see their futures progress in a positive direction instead of giving up on life. I admire the mindset of the locals from the Constanza community because they act with generosity.

On our last Free Day, I went to a local shop and bought souvenirs for my mom and dad. Afterward, my group and I decided to go to a bakery. Today, being our second Free Day, I went back to the same shop to buy gifts for the rest of my family. We also visited a new shop where I bought other souvenirs for my other family members. Then we returned to the popular bakery…again. Finally, my explore group and I came back to the hotel and shared stories about some of our experiences and information about our home lives. While discussing, we found out that we all had a lot of similarities in the way that we grew up and what we wanted for our future. This discussion really changed my perspective on life simply because I realized that we are all the same. I feel like this is a very important experience and that I have to share it.