Culture Day in the Dominican Republic…. A fantastic mix of everlasting colors and sights only seen in this country with a diverse rich history and definitely rhythm found no where else but here in Quisqueya. Compalse De Piro03 Piro and his company illustrated an iconic display of rhythm, dance, craftsmanship and overall fun on our visit to his art studio… Then we went to the local art museum to observe the art work of Candido Bido, a famous world renowned pioneer in the arts who fascinated our Glimpsers today with his unique style of featured paintings. We had an excellent rhythmic dance class where we learned the art of Bachata, Merengue and in the end added some soul with urban music where our Glimpsers showed their talents in a roundabout show-your-talent circle. Even our GGL entered in the fun.. culture day has illustrated to me the importance of how music and art are universal and has joined two distinct groups of Glimpsers and locals to share one amazing experience. Until next time..

Miguel Angel (Global Glimpse Bonao PC)