Dear Parents and Guardians of Global Glimpse Students in Constanza,

I am sorry to inform you that C1C’s departure flight from the Dominican Republic to New York scheduled for 4:41 pm today 8/16 has been cancelled. The entire jetBlue flight #636 was cancelled and unfortunately there is no available space to rebook the student group on a different flight today.
Due to the flight cancellation the students will be continuing their adventure in the Dominican Republic for one more day and returning on two separate flights tomorrow night. Students will be staying at the same hostel in Constanza and engaging in some great activities today and tomorrow and they will continued to be supported by our amazing staff and Global Glimpse Leaders.
We have rebooked 20 passengers on the earliest possible flight departing at 1:41 am tomorrow night, August 18th and arriving in New York at 5:21 am. Due to capacity jetBlue has rebooked two students, Ramel Wiliams and Maya Wharton, on an earlier flight leaving Santiago at 10:11 pm tomorrow night and arriving in New York at 1:48 am. We will be working with jetBlue groups tomorrow morning when their office opens to try to rebook one of the Global Glimpse Leaders on the earlier flight so that both flights are chaperoned. However if we are unable to do this we will ensure that Ramel and Maya are chaperoned to security and the jetBlue  crew ensures they are supported on the flight and met by their families when they arrive in New York
Flight information for all students except Ramel Williams and Maya Wharton:
Date Flight Operated by From Departure To Arrival
August 18, 2015

#236 JetBlue Airways Santiago 1:41AM New York 5:21AM
Flight information for Ramel Williams and Maya Wharton:
Date Flight Operated by From Departure To Arrival
August 17, 2015

#36 JetBlue Airways Santiago 10:11PM New York 1:48AM
Please review your email and the CIC blog periodically for updates on returning flights for this group. We will be contacting all families by phone to confirm receipt of this email and students will have the opportunity to call home this afternoon.
We know it is hard to wait another day to see your students, but we thank you for your support as we work to ensure that the group has an incredible last few days and gets home to you as soon as possible!
Please email [email protected] or contact our emergency phone, 415-889-6522, with any questions regarding flight changes for the Contstanza group.
Thank you,
Marcela & the Global Glimpse Team