The day we’ve all been waiting on has finally arrived: Fun day!! As leader of the day I woke up at 6 am to prepare for the long day ahead. Once all the logistics were taken care of, we all headed to our bus, greeted Jochy, and embarked on our 2-hour bus ride to Quemaito beach. The group was all over the place when we got there. Some people were enjoying the warm water and playing tips with the volleyball while some of us – me to be exact – slept because they obtained a rash from jellyfish venom. Everything happens for a reason though!! That was the best nap I’ve had since I’ve been here!

The warm breeze, the bright and bold sun, and the sound of the waves made the beginning of my day extremely relaxing. Our bus ride back “home” may have been the quietest one so far. All of the Glimpsers went to sleep for two hours. However, the peace ended when we arrived at Pittini’s, our accommodation, because we immediately raced to the showers to prepare for English tutoring. When we finally got to tutoring; Unna, Takiyah, Tamiyah, and I were surprised by having 4 students in our classroom!! That’s a record for us! Today was our last real day of teaching and I feel like we did our students justice. Despite the fact that we only had five classes with them, they learned a lot and so did we. Then, the group began to head back to the accommodation, and we finished off our night with a dinner of loaded hot dogs and fries. As our days here come to an end our love for each other and San Juan de la Maguana continue to grow.

Well that’s all from me! See you all in 3 days! XOXO


FUN day has just begun. Thanks to Noah, my co-LDD, I woke up early at 6 am because knowing myself I wasn’t going to wake up early. I was curious about myself being a leader especially on a day when all we have to do is just relax and chill. Oh and English tutoring, of course. The day went pretty smoothly we all got on the bus at the right time, on the road heading to Quemaito beach. We were all excited to go to the beach especially after having back-to-back days waking up really early and coming back late. It was a 2-hour bus ride so a pretty long ride, but we had music to keep our cool and make the ride a bit more relaxing. I’d like to thank Jochy, our bus driver. He’s more than just our bus driver, he’s a father figure for us, and we’re all like his little kids. How we interact with him is amazing and keeps everyone with a smile.

When we FINALLY arrived at the beach, it was very HOT. We were introduced to local business owners who partner with Global Glimpse. They gave us a history lesson about the famous gemstones Larimar from the Dominican Republic. They looked so nice! I think everyone bought at least one piece of larimar jewelry. They are little blue gems that can be made into a necklace or a bracelet. After we brought our cool gemstones, we began our beach day and when we first got into the water, well it was all funny looking rocks, rocks that looked and felt weird when we first walked on them.

After the nice relaxing day, we drove back to our accommodation to get ready for tutoring which was our last tutoring class before graduation. During the class, we realized we forgot chalks and erasers. So I went to ask Jelly and Melina where the bag of chalk and erasers was. And they told me they forgot it at the accommodation. So I went running back to our home which was a decent workout, I am not going to lie! And I ran back with the bag of chalk and erasers from the accommodation to the school to continue our last lesson. Then finally, when we came back walking we were all hungry, and our food providers came through with HOT DOGS and FRIES, which was delicious!

Thanks to Jochy, our food providers and our students as we will all miss them.

But I cant wait to get back home! 🙂