Buenas Noches GG Family!!! Today was Immigration Day, today was the first day that we actually viewed the perception of something through the lens of another country while still being able to relate what we learned to the problems in our USA backyard.

The day began feeling mostly the same for me, except that I was LDD, I made sure that everyone was up and on time for breakfast. Breakfast was simple, eggs, bread and melon; as the day progressed everyone realized that we were already halfway through our trip. One thing that almost all of us had in common was how nervous we were and we’ve been bonding over it and everyone has grown so close, its hard to think of ending this in a week.

After breakfast, we embarked on our journey to the Centro de Vida Church in La Vega. We were instantly greeted by the pastor, Gemuel Delgado and we were all moved by the stories that followed as we got to know the community members. After taking a tour around the headquarters and seeing how the immigrants lived, we all felt a bit helpless as we didn’t know how just us as students could make such a change for so many people, but we had to realize that small changes lead to big changes, which lead to changes that can help change the world. So with patience and effort, today taught us that though things may not be easy, you have to keep trying. We shared a big love and everyone expressed their appreciation for the lessons we learned today. After that we had some time to create a design for the blueprint of our CAP project. We then enjoyed dinner, spaghetti and salad, and had some time to reflect with our peers about the day, then answered our QOTD: “How do history, culture, and politics impact immigrants’ identities?” We shared answers about the relationship to US issues and things that we learned throughout our day in the church. Overall we learned a lot and can’t wait until tomorrow!!!!! See you guys soon! ;-))