Friday was momentous. Oh wait, that was just yesterday! Wow, I am in a haze. Who wouldn’t be considering I just finished the work year. Yes, as a school district employee, I am off for the next two months. I can relax starting today. No, wait! I can’t do that yet or at least, not totally be relaxed since I have to finalize my luggage for the trip to Leon on Monday, June 2.

Oops, I lost my train of thought. Yes, back to Friday-yesterday, being momentous other than being my last day of work. Well, Brayan and Elisa met us, Omar and myself, virtually. We had our pep rally of sort for our Leon trip. It was awesome to be able to connect before the trip. Ahmazing technology!

Today- May 31, we got our electronic ticket details! What can I say? WOW! LEON, here we come!

Global Glimpse 2014 Leon 1-June 2 Group invites our families and friends to experience Leon with us by following this blog.