Que sopa my people from New York Como Estan, how have you guys been? Here at Global Glimpse we have been having a lot of fun. Today, we had to get up extra early, around 6:00 am to go to a nearby town called Paris, no not France, but here in Panama. We went to Paris to meet families that live in this community. We learned about their daily routine, how they have fun and how they earn their money. Being a leader was super fun and active.  Everyone was Collaborating and listening to our announcements, everyone was being nice and helpful. Although, being a leader was super fun and sort of easy it did get hard sometimes because I wasn’t feeling well due to the heat. The uncomfortable weather contributed to the feeling of frustration, but as I was taught by my parents, being a leader is pushing yourself and being a great leader is trying to stay active even if you feel like your body is giving up on you. In addition, enjoying the time you are having plus not showing our weaknesses because then everyone would follow. My name is Karla and my experience was empowering.

So I’m Faith one of the leaders today. I was put into a group with 2 other people. We were adopted for the day by this very nice lady named Raquel. At first she was quiet which made me think the experience was going to be kind of awkward but once we got to her house everything was fine. We learned how to recycle and repurpose plastic bottles and make some cool decorations. The family I was with had cows, a cat, a dog, chickens and roosters. This family however, does not eat what they own they consider the animals like family. They even happen to name all their animals. Our “mom” for the day showed us some of the music she listens to which was cool because some of it was music in English. She also showed us photos of her kid and photos of students doing activities such as painting and drawing.One of the fun activities we got to do with her was use our creativity to each paint a rock and leave as a way to remember us. Overall, I enjoyed my experience living like a local. I realized a lot of people in this community are talented and very creative. After everyone spent time with their families we played soccer with some of the local children. After that we went to Raquel’s moms home and had lunch with all of the mothers. My experience being leader of the day was calm. Everyone was well behaved and made the job easy. Today I realized being a leader isn’t the easiest thing but it’s not the hardest. I, for sure, realized that I am really shy. I took responsibility with certain things but I was still nervous throughout the day.

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