Hi friends and family,

Today was such a great day when our M1B got to see, smell, hear, and embrace our host city in a very fun and enthusiastic way.

We woke up to fireworks (people in town were celebrating a historical battle of the famous Sandinista revolution) and saw that the weather was going to be just great (sunshine and breeze). Then we had a good potion of gallopinto and eggs along with great juice that everyone is getting fond of in these first few days.

Right after breakfast, our leaders fed our brains with an interesting history seminar where we discussed the relationships of the US and Nicaragua so we could understand better the different scenes we would pass through during our city tour.

The city tour was so much fun, students were super curious and asked lots of questions about what they were seeing. It was very nice to hear such deep conversations about history and politics even after the tour was over.

For lunch, our chicken fajitas hit the spot and were greatly appreciated. Followed by a nice chunk of free time we got to exchange of first dollars into cordobas and soon we would have the visit of Dona Sonia Hernandez who shared her inspiring personal story of when she left her house to become a guerrilla fighter during the revolution in order to stop the oppression that Somoza’s dictatorship had the Nicaraguans under.

And like cherry on top of the cake, we went on a field trip to historical battlefield Cerro El Calvario! It was the greatest view of the city and students got to play, take pictures, bond and relax.

Now we are in our nightly meeting and everyone is doing self reflections on their first impressions of Matagalpa. Tomorrow will be our culture day and everyone is ready to get to know more locals and get more immersed in the community that is quickly feeling like their second home.

Our students send big love to you all and we are excited to get to share with them the messages you leave here!