Today, our group went to a local Nicaraguan High School called INEP.  This was a great experience for all of the glimpsers, and we all had a terrific time tagging along with the students.  Just like shadowing a freshman at a high school, we followed around a group of INEP students all day, and walked in their footsteps.  It was a very exciting experience, and it gave us a new perspective on teen life in Nicaragua.  Sadly, we had to leave at 12:10 due to the end of the school day, but the fun did not stop there.
    Once finished recuperating at our hostel, we went on one of our first walks through the city. This time however with the ability to walk into the shops and purchase items.  Some of us purchased food and drinks, and others purchased souvenirs for our friends back at home. It was very fun, and it allowed us to use our Spanish to purchase goods.  All in all, this day taught us to open our minds to new ideas, and also to compare them with ideas we brought with us from the U.S.  We shared our thoughts with the teens, and in return were given a new glimpse on the world.  Our journey is just beginning, and we have many more experiences to come. Pero ahora mismo, Adios!
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